Computer simulation of backscattered alpha particles


Alpha-particle spectrometry forms an important aspect of radionuclide metrology. Accurate measurements require corrections to be made for factors such as self-absorption within the source and backscattering from the backing material. The theory of the latter phenomenon has only received limited attention. Furthermore the experimental verification of these theoretical results requires adequate counting statistics for a variety of sources with different activities. These problems could be resolved by computer simulations of the various interactions which occur as alpha-particles move through different materials. The pioneering work of Ziegler and his coworkers over several years, has provided the sophisticated software (SRIM) which has enabled us to obtain the results presented here. These results are compared with theoretical and experimental values obtained previously.

Applied Radiation and Isotopes
Alfonso Fernandez Timon
Alfonso Fernandez Timon
Profesor Titular de Universidad

Alfonso Fernández Timón es Profesor Titular de Universidad y unos de los investigadores seniors del Grupo de Investigación en Algoritmos de Optimización GRAFO de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Anteriormente fue Becario de la Red de Estaciones Metrológicas y del Plan de Vigilancia Radiológica del CSN en la Universidad de Extremadura. Sus lineas de investigación abarcan desde la aplicación de metaheurísticas para resolver problemas de optimización combinatoria hasta la metrología de radiaciones nucleares.