Solving ga-hard problems with EMMRS and GPGPUs


Different techniques have been proposed to tackle GA-Hard problems. Some techniques work with different encodings and representations, other use reordering operators and several, such as the Evolutionary Mapping Method (EMM), apply genotype-phenotype mappings. EMM uses multiple chromosomes in a single cell for mating with another cell within a single population. Although EMM gave good results, it fails on solving some deceptive problems. In this line, EMMRS (EMM with Replacement and Shift) adds a new operator, consisting on doing a replacement and a shift of some of the bits within the chromosome. Results showed the efficiency of the proposal on deceptive problems. However, EMMRS was not tested with other kind of hard problems. In this paper we have adapted EMMRS for solving the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). The encodings and genetic operators for solving the TSP are quite different to those applied on deceptive problems. In addition, execution times recommended the parallelization of the GA. We implemented a GPU parallel version. We present here some preliminary results proving that Evolutionary Mapping Method with Replacement and Shift gives good results not only in terms of quality but also in terms of speedup on its GPU parallel version for some instances of the TSP problem.

Proceedings of the 2014 Annual Conference on Genetic and Evolutionary Computation
J. Manuel Colmenar
J. Manuel Colmenar
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Mis intereses de investigación se centran en las metaheurísticas aplicadas a problemas de optimización. He trabajado en diferentes problemas de optimización combinatoria aplicando algoritmos trajectoriales como GRASP o VNS. Además, estoy muy interesado en las aplicaciones de la Evolución Gramatical, específicamente en el dominio de los modelos y la predicción, como alternativa a los enfoques de aprendizaje automático.