Design of an ACO algorithm for Solving Community Finding Problems


The amount of data generated by social media users is increasing exponentially mainly produced by the high number of users connected everyday that interacts with each other through the Social Network (SN). As a result, SNs has become an interesting domain for research due to the wide variety of problems that can be solved. Among these problems, this work is focused on Community Finding Problems (CFP) whose goal is to group the different users in several clusters in such a way users belonging to the same cluster are similar (according to a specific metric) whereas they are different from the users of the other clusters. In this work, we describe the algorithm proposed in [1]. This algorithm for CFP is based on Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) algorithm, and it uses the information regarding the topology of the network, i.e. the connections of the users in the SN. For the experimental phase, we have compared the performance of the described algorithm against the performance of some well-known algorithms extracted from the tate-of-theArt. The results reveal that the proposed Topology-based ACO algorithm is a good approach to solve the community finding problem and it provides competitive results against the analyzed algorithms

I Workshop en Ciencia de Datos en Redes Sociales - CAEPIA 2018
Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo
Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo
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Profesor del Departamento de Informática. Sus principales intereses de investigación están relacionados con la inteligencia computacional y la metaheurística aplicada al análisis de redes sociales, y la optimización de problemas basados en grafos.