Multi-objective optimization of energy consumption and execution time in a single level cache memory for embedded systems


Current embedded systems are specifically designed to run multimedia applications. These applications have a big impact on both performance and energy consumption. Both metrics can be optimized selecting the best cache configuration for a target set of applications. Multi-objective optimization may help to minimize both conflicting metrics in an independent manner. In this work, we propose an optimization method that based on Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithms, is able to find the best cache configuration for a given set of applications. To evaluate the goodness of candidate solutions, the execution of the optimization algorithm is combined with a static profiling methodology using several well-known simulation tools. Results show that our optimization framework is able to obtain an optimized cache for Mediabench applications. Compared to a baseline cache memory, our design method reaches an average improvement of 64.43 and 91.69% in execution time and energy consumption, respectively.

Journal of Systems and Software
J. Manuel Colmenar
J. Manuel Colmenar
Artificial Intelligence Professor

Mis intereses de investigación se centran en las metaheurísticas aplicadas a problemas de optimización. He trabajado en diferentes problemas de optimización combinatoria aplicando algoritmos trajectoriales como GRASP o VNS. Además, estoy muy interesado en las aplicaciones de la Evolución Gramatical, específicamente en el dominio de los modelos y la predicción, como alternativa a los enfoques de aprendizaje automático.