Urban traffic surveillance in smart cities using radar images


The Smart City concept arises from the need to provide more intelligent and optimized applications for the development of future urban centers. Traffic monitoring including surveillance is becoming a problem as cities are getting larger and crowded with vehicles. Intelligent video applications for outdoor scenarios need for good quality, stable and robust signal in every moment or climate condition. In this paper we present a radar signal surveillance application that works in real-time, in 360 degrees, with long range up to 400 meters away from the detector, with daylight or night, or even with adverse climatology like fog presence, detecting and tracking high speed vehicles in urban areas.

International Work-Conference on the Interplay Between Natural and Artificial Computation
Jesús Sánchez-Oro
Jesús Sánchez-Oro
Associate Professor

Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department, being one of the senior researchers of the Group for Research on Algorithms For Optimization GRAFO.