Testing in math course a new tool for online exams automatically graded: a teaching and learning experience


In this paper we analyze the usage of ExaNet: an online exam and evaluation management tool. To do so, we proceeded to use this tool to evaluate the knowledge of students in several courses with (at our university and at some local high schools). We tested students in a wide variety of topics, from different Math courses to Music. The tool was developed with the aim of improving the actual strategies to implement mathematical formulas for online exams on the web. We include a preliminary statistical study of the results for some particular tests.

8textsuperscriptth International Symposium on Computers in Education: proceedings: october 24-26textsuperscriptth, León, Spain
J. Manuel Colmenar
J. Manuel Colmenar
Associate Professor

My research interests are focused on metaheuristics applied to optimization problems. I have worked on different combinatorial optimization problems applying trajectorial algorithms such us GRASP or VNS. Besides, I am very interested in applications of Grammatical Evolution, specifically in model and prediction domain, as alternative to machine learning approaches.