Simple gamer interaction analysis through tower defence games


In the last years, the Video Game industry has growth considerably, capturing the attention of the research community. One of the research hot topics in videogames is related to the identification of gamers behaviour while they are playing the game. This work presents an initial case related to the identification of users behaviour in a particular kind of videogame through gamer interaction extraction and analysis. The Video Game selected in this work is a Tower Defence Game, called OTD, where the user needs to build towers, in a 2-D grid, to avoid the enemies to reach the exit point of the level. It has been created a framework that allows extract the information from the game and later use statistical techniques to analyse the gamers behaviour. Finally, some experiments have been carried out to test this framework.

New Trends in Computational Collective Intelligence
Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo
Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo
Associate Professor

Lecturer at the Computer Science Department. Main research interests are related to Computational Intelligence and Metaheuristics applied to Social Networks Analysis, and the optimization of graph-based problems.