Design of a software system to support value education in sports through gamification techniques


Nowadays, it is quite common to find violent acts in grassroot sports, such as football. Almost every week, it is possible to find news about team supporters fighting against each other, or football players arguing aggressively to the referee. And the worst part in this story is that most of these acts are watched by children. In order to alleviate this situation and create awareness of the necessity to create educational programs to prevent violence in sports, the European Union has funded several projects focused on this area. One of this project is called SAVEit project, and its goal is to create and develop innovative educational tools to promote values in grassroot sports. This paper presents the software architecture designed in SAVEit project to achieve this goal. This architecture is mainly composed of a Learning Management System, where coaches will learn about the values; a Team Management Site, where coaches can evaluate the values acquired by the children of the teams; and finally, a Video Game that using gamification techniques will keep the motivation of children during the learning process.

Vietnam Journal of Computer Science
Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo
Antonio Gonzalez-Pardo
Associate Professor

Lecturer at the Computer Science Department. Main research interests are related to Computational Intelligence and Metaheuristics applied to Social Networks Analysis, and the optimization of graph-based problems.