A Scatter Search Approach for the Parallel Row Ordering Problem


In this work, we present a new approach for the Parallel Row Ordering Problem (PROP), based on the Scatter Search metaheuristic. The PROP focuses on minimizing the total weighted sum of all distances between each pair of facility centers in a linear layout. The proposed method is able to obtain all known optimal values in a fraction of the time required by the previous exact methods for the set of smaller instances, and it outperforms the current state of the art metaheuristic for the set of larger instances, spending a comparable computing time.

Abraham Duarte
Abraham Duarte
Full Professor

Abraham Duarte is Full Professor in the Computer Science Department at the Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid, Spain). He has done extensive research in the interface between computer science, artificial intelligence, and operations research to develop solution methods based on Computational Intelligence (metaheuristics) for practical problems in operations-management areas such as logistics and supply chains, telecommunications, decision-making under uncertainty and optimization of simulated systems.