Itest: An online tool for assessment and self-assessment in mathematics


This paper describes the experiences designed and conducted with college Mathematics students to study the integration of alternative assessment and self-assessment online tools in the classroom. We have used the educational software iTest, developed by a group of professors at the Computer Science departments of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). Special efforts have been made to implement iTest as part of the continuous evaluation methodology promoted by the European Space for Higher Education. The use of this online tool in primary and secondary education after the in-service teacher training seminars we have facilitated is also described in this article.

2009 11textsuperscriptth IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia
J. Manuel Colmenar
J. Manuel Colmenar
Associate Professor

My research interests are focused on metaheuristics applied to optimization problems. I have worked on different combinatorial optimization problems applying trajectorial algorithms such us GRASP or VNS. Besides, I am very interested in applications of Grammatical Evolution, specifically in model and prediction domain, as alternative to machine learning approaches.