iTest: A web application for learner-directed assessment in all levels, supporting mathematical formula and multimedia files


This paper presents iTest, a web application for online evaluation and self-evaluation in academia, supporting mathematical formula and multimedia files. iTest provides random generation of quizzes and automatic grading. It also generates statistics about the results of each test for the instructor. iTest has been successfully used during the academic year 2006-07 in a large variety of courses at three different levels of education: university level, secondary education, and preschool education. A Pilot Project was designed and carried out with the aim of training secondary school teachers in the use of iTest.

J. Manuel Colmenar
J. Manuel Colmenar
Associate Professor

My research interests are focused on metaheuristics applied to optimization problems. I have worked on different combinatorial optimization problems applying trajectorial algorithms such us GRASP or VNS. Besides, I am very interested in applications of Grammatical Evolution, specifically in model and prediction domain, as alternative to machine learning approaches.