An URJC team, awarded at the Metared International CTFs

‘Capture The Flag’ is a competition that aims to promote education and talent in cybersecurity. Metared is a series of competitions among Ibero-American Higher Education Institutions. Students from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos have won prizes thanks to their results.

Students from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos thanks to their results have won a prize in the MetaRed International CTF, a competition that promotes the development of cybersecurity capacity and education in the different Ibero-American universities and higher education academic centers.

The competition is organized by MetaRed, a collaborative project that forms a network of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) managers from public and private Ibero-American HEIs.

The Cybersecurity Groups of Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico and Portugal have been the organizers of the International CTF as part of their activities to celebrate Cybersecurity Month. In the 2021 edition, the second, the competition has added five new stages and has been structured in two competition areas: a free and global one, in which any team could participate, and another one circumscribed to the MetaRed IES.

The URJC team, captained by Sergio Pérez Peló, a PhD student of the GRAFO group, has won one of the cumulative prizes by stages of the CTF, in the Category limited to the IES of MetaRed.

The competition hosted a total of 5,202 participants among the 5 stages. A total of six Spanish universities participated, including the URJC, which won a prize of $900. Universities from countries such as Poland, Singapore, Korea, the United States and Slovenia also participated.

The Awards Ceremony: CTF International MetaRed 2021 will be held on February 23rd at 17:00 (Spanish time).

Cybersecurity researcher Leonardo Nve will participate as speaker and will talk about R&D in offensive techniques in cybersecurity.

Isaac Lozano-Osorio
Isaac Lozano-Osorio
Artificial Intelligence Phd Student

Isaac Lozano graduated with a double degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Engineering from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, where he was awarded the prize for the Best Final Project. Subsequently, he completed a Master in Artificial Intelligence Research (UIMP). His main research interests are focused on the interface between Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research. Most of his publications deal with the development of metaheuristic procedures for graph modeled optimization problems.