Group for Research in Algorithms For Optimization (GRAFO)

Welcome to the web page for the Group for Research in Algorithms For Optimization (GRAFO). University professors and highly qualified professionals form our research group. We conduct research into relevant problems in both, science and engineering.

GRAFO mainly focuses on optimization problems such us: ordering problems (with applications in VLSI design or in the efficient resolution of systems of equations); location problems (with interest in telecommunication applications such as distribution of signal regenerators or network design); graph-based problems (with applications in the distribution of electronic devices in electronic boards or in image segmentation), routing problems (by focusing on multi-objective problems with applications in the transport of hazardous materials or in recommendation systems), or selection problems (with applications in the construction of diverse groups or clustering of documents).

We provide solutions to those problems for which general and specifically tailored solutions or existing procedures have failed to provide satisfactory results. To this end, we employ the most advanced optimization technologies from computer science, artificial intelligence and operations research.

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